Terms of Engagement


These terms of engagement are the standard terms of which Queen City Law (“we, us, and “our”) provides legal and related services to its clients for a particular matter. The client will be the party identified  in our letter of engagement (“you”, “your”, and yours”)  we send for such a matter, unless agreed otherwise.

Please also refer to our Client Care Library.



As part of Queen City Law’s obligations under the Anti-Money Laundering and Countering Financing of Terrorism Act 2009 (“the Act”), before we can act we are required to obtain and verify information about our client’s identities (referred to as “customer due diligence”), including people acting on behalf of our clients and/or with effective control of, or beneficial interest in, our clients. We may also require information and verification of a client’s source of wealth and/or funding.

We will not undertake any work for you until we are satisfied, in our sole discretion, that our obligations under the Act have been met in this regard.

Any information we collect will be retained and used as necessary to meet our ongoing obligations under the Act.

We reserve the right to charge, on the basis and in the circumstances set out below, for the work involved in undertaking these obligations under the Act in order that we can act for you.


You may instruct us to act for you in connection with the following matters and all related legal matters in connection thereto:

  • Receiving and reviewing all relevant information and materials provided by you; an
  • Attending meetings with you and/or other relevant parties; and
  • Attending to any correspondence with you; and
  • Reviewing the correspondence; and
  • Drafting all relevant documents including deeds, agreements or clauses; and
  • Drafting all relevant letters; and
  • Undertaking research; and
  • Preparing all necessary application, submission or other related documents; and
  • Attending to any correspondence with third parties; and
  • Attending to any negotiation or correspondence with other related parties; and
  • All other work in relation to the above.

Our standard terms of engagement describe the basis upon which we will provide our legal services to you. A copy of this is attached for your reference. You accept that when you instruct us to provide legal services, you authorise us to undertake all ancillary work, including that necessary to meet our regulatory obligations.


By agreeing to these terms of engagement you also agree to:

  • Provide us with truthful and accurate instructions; and
  • Provide us with authentic documents and information as required under the Act; and
  • Advise us of any changes in your situation such as personal and work circumstances; and
  • Ensure that we always have your latest contact details, including telephone/cell phone numbers and address; and
  • Respond to us promptly when we need to talk to you about the work we are doing for you; and
  • Treat our staff with courtesy; and
  • Be punctual for any scheduled meetings with us.



Our legal fees will be charged on a time and attendance basis plus GST, office administration fees and disbursements (unless otherwise agreed in writing).

 We note that disbursements (including but not limited to couriers, title searches and registration fees from Land Information New Zealand (LINZ)) may be billed separately or together with our legal fee. As we cannot fully assess what these will be until they have been incurred, we are not seeking any funds from you on account of the disbursements at this time.  However, once we have incurred them, and invoiced you for them, these costs must be paid within 7 calendar days.

 As noted above, Queen City Law reserves the right to charge for the cost of conducting customer due diligence on a time and attendance basis. This will usually be where, due to your circumstances or the nature of the work being undertaken, we need to undertake enquiries into your wealth and income and/or where there are a number of parties we must verify, involving a commitment of our time.  In the event that we identify the customer due diligence required will result in a cost to you, we will use our best endeavours to advise you.  However, in the event we are not able to advise you for whatever reason, we are not precluded from undertaking the necessary work and charging accordingly.


Before Queen City Law is able to conduct any attendances on your behalf, we confirm we need the following:

  • All documents and information as required from you under the Act; and
  • A signed copy of our letter of engagement; and
  • Receipt of an initial retainer amount of $(TBC) to our trust account. Queen City Law also requires a copy of the payment confirmation to be forwarded to our office once the retainer payment has been made.


Unless you advise us to the contrary, we assume that you accept the terms of engagement as set out in this letter.