Pre-empting litigation is a wise strategy and putting measures in place to eliminate or circumvent disputes in the first place is even more prudent. Our services also include conducting rigorous audits to identify potential pressure points. Queen City Law takes a lateral and considered approach to litigation. Our objective is to put your best interests and commercial objectives at the forefront. Most businesses will confront disputes. We focus on understanding our clients and the issues then work with the client to develop a strategic plan for the best possible outcome quickly.

Prevention and Pre-Emption

Queen City Law provides specialist litigation services to its corporate and individual clients based both in NZ and offshore. The firm has substantial experience in key areas of civil litigation and it is able to draw on the collective experience of its lawyers which means combined experience of some 70 or so years in the law. This experience covers nearly all areas of the law. We offer access to commercially focused dispute resolution procedures at competitive legal fee rates. Clients are encouraged to discuss and agree on fees right from the start.

At Queen City Law also provides litigation support to other law firms and businesses sometimes on a fixed cost basis. This ensures that there are no surprises on fees and our clients know precisely where they stand, and what the final costs are before deciding to use our services. QCL also provides pro bono services but in very limited circumstances. The firms services cover all aspects of commercial disputes from initial advice and strategy through to final resolution. One of our strengths when dealing with complex litigation matters is our ability to get the right people quickly involved in the process right from the get-go. This approach often means clients can save significant costs and stops matters being fumbled around with.

Too Late?

Too Late?
In every dispute scenario we endeavour to:

1.Identify the legal issues and commercial drivers behind the dispute;
2.Align the dispute resolution strategy with the demands of our clients businesses;
3.Establish clear steps to attain our clients ultimate objectives;
4.Ensure sound lines of communication are opened and maintained with key stakeholders;
5.Ensure all progress is within our clients preferred time-frames;
6.Report succinctly and adhere to our clients budget.

We are also very lucky to have Ross Dillon practicing as a Consultant at QCL. 

Ross has a few decades of litigation experience and has appeared twice at the Privy Council in London. Ross Dillon is a Barrister and Solicitor of the High Court of New Zealand and a Barrister and Solicitor of the Supreme Court of Victoria (Australia). He is entitled to practice on his own account and is retained as a Consultant to Queen City Law, where his extensive experience in all levels of the Court processes in New Zealand add further depth to the services available to clients of Queen City Law.

 In addition to litigation (a process of last resort), Ross has extensive experience in negotiation, mediation and arbitration, and is himself a trained mediator responsible for a number of commercial mediated settlements.

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