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Queen City Law are leaders in Business Immigration and all other aspects of Immigration. We have the ability to very quickly determine an applicants eligibility under the various categories for residency or temporary visas. We believe we enjoy one of the most highly respected relationships with the relevant Government officials including Senior INZ Managers.


Queen City Law takes a lateral and considered approach to litigation. Our aim is to put your best interests and commercial objectives at the forefront. Most businesses will confront disputes at some point. We focus on understanding our clients and the issues at hand to then work with the client to develop a strategic plan for the best possible outcome.

We have have been engaged at the highest levels of the judiciary, including the Supreme Court and the Privy Council.

Residential Property

For many people, buying and selling a house will be the largest single transaction that they will ever make. Our team has substantial experience in the sale and purchase of: Cross Leases, Freehold properties, Leasehold properties, Unit Titles (Apartments and Carparks), Subdivisions and Residential Tenancies. Although conveyancing can be straightforward, mistakes can be costly. Accordingly, we strongly recommend that you contact us as early as possible when you are buying or selling to ensure that all your requirements are met.

Commercial Property

The QCL Property Team are commercial property specialists. Whether you need assistance with leasing arrangements, financing, or are seeking to buy or sell a building, we can help.

We represent a number of clients with extensive property portfolios, and are therefore accustomed to dealing with all commercial property matters as they my arise.

Property Development

Queen City Law has a huge passion for property development. We focus on adding bottom line value for our clients at all times. Our philosophy is to concentrate on building long-lasting partnerships as developments generally require extensive input from a number of different parties.

We have been involved in numerous projects, and are therefore incredibly well networked with; architects, builders, cost consultants, lenders, project managers, and of course, developers.

Construction Law

Queen City Law are construction law experts. We are able to pair issues related to; time, cost, scope, and quality as they may arise with the relevant legal principles and regulatory frameworks so as to ensure that our clients can continue their normal business activities, knowing they are acting within the bounds of the law.
We also have comprehensive experience in all legal aspects surrounding architecture and engineering.

Commercial Law

Queen City Law’s Commercial Lawyers provide expert legal advice and solutions for a diverse range of New Zealand businesses. At all times we try and put ourselves in our clients shoes and provide cost effective and pragmatic business solutions. We are able to advise on all day to day legal issues as they may arise out of the normal course of business activities and work in partnership with our clients as specialist business advisers.

Asset Management

Queen City Law are able to advise on the appropriate legal structures for clients who wish to protect their personal interests from their business risks and to preserve their assets for retirement or for their families.

We are able to provide expert legal advice relating to; wills, trusts, estates, and powers of attorney for all parties who may be concerned with how certain property is to be handled.

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