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Earthquake Prone Buildings (Update)

Further to our prior blog on “Earthquake Prone Buildings” in 2014, the government have now passed legislation giving force to the proposals. The Building (Earthquake-prone Buildings) Amendment Act 2016 came into force on Saturday, 1 July 2017. Territorial Authorities (your Councils) now have reduced timeframes to identify Earthquake Prone Buildings (“EPB”) for priority buildings. The […]


Employment 101: Common Questions in Employment

QCL Lawyer Tina Hwang answers some common questions in regards to Employment Law. What is the difference between a casual and permanent employee? There is no statutory definition of “casual” employees. A Casual employee is normally hired to do specific work for short time periods and works on an “as required” basis. If a worker […]

How to resolve civil disputes

An Introduction to Civil Litigation and Dispute Resolution Did you enter into a contract (written or oral) and encounter problems? Did things go bad at a cost? Was there a disagreement over the parties’ obligations or duties? Did the other side fail to action what they are meant to under the contract? If so, there […]


Common Pitfalls when Buying Apartments off the Plans

There is a strong demand for houses and apartments in New Zealand. There are purchasers signing purchase contracts on the basis of plans for houses or apartments not yet constructed. Some purchasers are signing contracts with developers who do not even have the required planning or building consent for construction. The contracts that prospective purchasers are given to sign are […]


Is my Will in order? What will happen when I die? Part 2

Further to our previous blogs on “Is my Will in order? What will happen when I die?” and “Where there’s a Will, there’s a relative-deceased estates” a recent case has highlighted the need to take extra caution when drafting and finalising your will yet again. Recent case In the case of Sutton v Public Trust […]


Update to the Work Visa Category for Korean Applicants

Are you Korean and intending to apply for a work visa in New Zealand? Great news! The New Zealand-Korea Free Trade Agreement has expanded the work visa categories for Korean applicants. Max Shin, Queen City Law’s recent addition, covers the recent changes in Korean, effective from 20 December 2015. To read more click here. QCL have […]


Contracting Out Agreements

“For better or for worse, for richer of for poorer, in sickness and in health, to love and to cherish, till death do us part.” Many people make these vows, or they opt out of marriage and start living together. In any case, the cold reality is that the marriage/relationship you saw as being everlasting […]


Effective resolution of leaky units – leaky building issues – Case Studies

  Leaky Buildings – Options You own a building and find it is “leaky”. What are your options? That may depend on whether you have a freehold title, or are part of a Unit Title Body Corporate.  The first thing is to investigate the problem carefully and completely. Download full pdf here QCL Leaky Building – […]

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Can you still have a tea break at work?

Last year the government removed the right to mandatory tea breaks. The Prime Minister reassured New Zealanders that ‘post the passing of this law, will you all of a sudden find thousands of workers who are denied having a tea break? The answer is absolutely not’. We now know the Prime Minister’s assurance could be misleading. Companies […]

Asian Auckland – A new report from the Asia New Zealand Foundation

The Asia New Zealand Foundation has released a very interesting new report which reveals the increasing diversity of Auckland’s Asian communities. “Asian Auckland: The multiple meanings of diversity” details the history and trends of Asian migration to Auckland, especially since 2006. It was commissioned by the Asia New Zealand Foundation as part of a series of reports […]

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