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Marcus Beveridge: Chinese likely to be affected by immigration changes

This morning on  News Talk Radio QCL Principal Marcus Beveridge suggested Chinese families will be particularly affected by the Government’s new immigration policy. You can listen to the interview here. The new resident setting is being reduced to a limit of 95,000, down from the current 100,000. The threshold for skilled migrants has been raised by increasing […]

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Changes to NZ Immigration Quotas Announced

It looks like the National Govt is out to reduce the number of new migrants, yesterday they announced a tightening to NZ immigration quota numbers. Under the changes, the higher end of the planning range for new residents over the next two years would be reduced from 100,000 to 95,000. Those coming to New Zealand under the […]


QCL law links

Queen City Law have a wide range of business relationships, networks and resources. Links to many of these useful legal web resources are listed on our Law Links page.If you are looking to invest, study or live in New Zealand Queen City Law are here to help with legal representation and services.  Check out more of our Articles here. Find […]


Visa Options Check

Check if you are eligible for a New Zealand visa. Try the new INZ Visa Options Check. The results show the visas you may be eligible for, but you need to apply to Immigration New Zealand for approval. There is NO guarantee your application will be approved. Start by choosing from the options online with the INZ Visa Options […]


Auckland is the fourth most expensive city in the world

The latest survey, using data from 2015, shows houses in Auckland cost 9.7 times the median income, compared to 8.2 times the median income a year earlier.That puts the city at the fourth most unaffordable along with level with Melbourne and San Jose, California, behind only Hong Kong, Sydney and Vancouver. Auckland is up from […]


Why do so many UHNWs elect to instruct Queen City Law ?

The reason is the firm’s proven track record successfully representing such individuals. Others include its top NZ ranking for business immigration, the range of legal services it is able to efficiently provide High Net Worths, the fun most clients have dealing with the firm and the fact that Queen City Law is exceedingly good at what […]


Sale of foreign-owned houses ordered

New Zealand housing market may be in for a second wind as foreign investors in the Australian property market start to fall foul of new investment regulations. Investors may look for new places to invest. The estates were bought illegally by nationals from Canada, China, India, Malaysia and the United States, the statement said. New […]


Restrained Summer Selling

A windy cool summer this year has been the backdrop to the summer selling season in the Auckland property market. Overall the market has been very restrained with auction success rates in Auckland dropping below 50% in late December 2015. Slowly seller expectations are starting to change. Are house prices heading lower? Many are expecting […]


New laws for Smoke Alarms Deadline July 2016

 • All rental properties must be insulated by July 2019, though exemptions apply to properties where it is physically impractical to retrofit insulation. • Smoke alarms must be installed in all rentals from July 2016, but tenants will be responsible for replacing batteries and notifying landlords of defects. • New powers to prosecute landlords for breaking tenancy regulations, […]


Unitary Plan rationalises the city’s 99 old residential zones down to just six

The incoming Unitary Plan rationalises the city’s 99 old residential zones down to just six: * Single House – allows a single house on a single lot * Mixed Housing Suburban – allows a mix of types of homes up to two storeys * Mixed Housing Urban – allows a mix of housing types up […]

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