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How to migrate to New Zealand from America or the UK

It is no secret that New Zealand is one of the best places to live in the world. Recently we have been voted best country in the world by a poll undertaken by The Telegraph[1], ranked 2nd best country to live in for expats by CN Traveler,[2] ranked 9th best country in the world to […]

New Zealand Citizenship – or How to become a New Zealander

The Queen City law Immigration team will help you with applications for the granting of New Zealand citizenship and/or for registration of New Zealand citizenship by descent. We can help you navigate the steps to NZ citizenship and in your dealings with the Department of Internal Affairs. Immigration can be a stressful process for applicants. We […]

New Immigration Checklist – Entrepreneur & Investor Category

With the recent Entrepreneur Work Visa changes, Queen City Law understands how tricky it can be to navigate your way through an application. Thanks to our knowledgeable immigration team, Queen City Law’s extensive online law library now has four new informative checklists to assist you with your Entrepreneur Work Visa, Entrepreneur Residence Visa, Investor Category […]

Marcus Beveridge comments on Dotcom Deportation

This week Marcus was asked to comment on the Dotcom deportation case for Radio New Zealand. Kim Dotcom did not declare a conviction for dangerous driving on his application for New Zealand residency even though he had pleaded guilty to the charge eight months earlier. The conviction was entered in September 2009 under the name […]

A surprising map of the countries that are most and least welcoming to foreigners

Contained in the new World Economic Forum report on global tourism, is data from 140 countries estimating the attitude of each countries’ population toward foreign visitors. The results, mapped out above, seem significant beyond just tourism. Red countries are less welcoming to foreign visitors, according to the data; blue countries are more welcoming. To read the full […]

Government Ministers and Immigration

A ministerial request is one of the last options for those who want to permanently live in New Zealand. As lawyers we often assist client with applications to the Minister and have proven extremely effective in this space over the last 20 years or so securing a very high percentage of successful outcomes. Cases are generally heard […]

Top 11 Posts from the last year

Queen City Law have been blogging in the immigration and property law space for 4 years now. All our regular posts are still on this site and you can search these by category, by tag cloud or by chronological order. Our regular posts often have articles and fact sheets embedded. These articles can be found […]

Changes to Long Term Business Visas – Video Part 2 – 11th Immigration Law Conference

Queen City Law has been invited as guest speakers at NZ’s Annual Immigration Law Conference organised by LexisNexis virtually every year for a decade or so. This year is no exception and In August 2013 Marcus and Bradley delivered a paper on the engine rebore of the Long Term Business Visa ( LTBV ) Category. […]