ZEUS NIGHTCLUB : Liquor License – September 2014

TESTIMONIAL – September 2014

ZEUS NIGHTCLUB is a multimillion dollar labour of love nightclub situated in what used to be NZ’s stock exchange trading pit located off Queen Street in Auckland City.

Queen City Law have acted for the company and me on this labour intensive venture setting up this business which will be one of Auckland City’s largest and most popular entertainment venues.

Over this period we have developed an unbelievably strong working and professional relationship with Queen City Law as our lawyers of choice and have been blown away with the legal work and support the law firm has carried out on our behalf.

The firm has provided extremely thorough and highly cost effective legal services to our company, as well as supplying excellent strategic advice to us, without losing their ability to provide the personal and friendly touch and keep things real. They have also been able to introduce other valued professional service providers such as chartered accountants, project managers, architects, real estate agents and others whenever required.

ZEUS has been absolutely thrilled with the service that Queen City Law has provided to us often in extremely urgent circumstances. 

Not only do Queen City Law, have a commitment to a client focused, value added service by working in partnership with us, but also are able to supply tailored and specialist legal advice, supported by co-operation, accessibility, quality and turn around.

In addition Queen City Law has taken the time to become familiar with our style of business and has been able to adapt that advice to us to fit our own business requirements.

My insight into QCL’s capabilities and depth of expertise and staff is probably wider than most – JJ and Tom have provided excellent assistance to us with our site identification, lease negotiations, compliance , structuring, liquor licensing requirements, funding and a host of other matters, Rita has provided invaluable employment law advice, Tina became very involved in the implementation and successful delivery of our construction requirements, Bradley efficiently sorted out our immigration requirements, Mr Dillon provided stunningly good advocacy for us, Sophie welcomed us with a smile and open arms and Marcus drank a lot of our tea !!

Anyway, the bottom line for us is that the strategic partnership and legal advice QCL have provided to us has been absolutely invaluable and at all times first rate and we truly value the level of support Queen City Law has provided us to get our business up and running so efficiently. This is one of the reasons why we have referred a number of other clients to this firm as they really are the best lawyers we have ever dealt with by a mile.

Yours sincerely,

Nicolas Wang

Managing Director

Zeus Nightclub

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For more on the laws surrounding Liquor Licensing in NZ and how Queen City Law can Help click here.

What does a liquor licence allow?

It allows the licensee to sell alcohol according to the conditions of the licence.Conditions cover such things as:who alcohol can be sold to the hours and days alcohol can be sold who is allowed on the premises the range of food, non-alcohol and low-alcohol drinks to be provided provision of information about alternative transport arrangements.

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