normal_conman304If INZ holds concerns about your application, they will ask you to clarify and respond to their concerns and submit additional supporting evidence. The article explores some of the aspects of  these letters and how they affect migrants. Referred to as ‘PPI letters’, such letters  can often be the cause of great panic to an applicant.

Here is a a new whitepaper on “Responding to Potentially Prejudicial Information (PPI) in your Visa Application ”.

To read the full article as a pdf click here.

Unfortunately, new migrants can sometimes be confused by official communications.

It is CRITICAL that PPI letters and correspondence are responded to professionally and accurately and as set out in the white paper link above. Failure to do so could well result in a painful and at times very costly immigration decline as well as adverse findings of character and so on forming part of a potential immigrants official record which of course can cause all sorts of downstream headaches and escalating costs and stress or a requirement to leave New Zealand or face arrest and deportation in some cases.

Queen City Law has considerable expertise in this area and an enviable track record getting cases positively turned around even in circumstances where various hands have muddied the waters. Without wanting to blow our own trumpets too loudly we would go so far to say that we would be amongst the most capable and experienced  lawyers in New Zealand in this space.

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