Warnings to be wary of get-rich-quick property investment schemes

Amateur property investors are getting lured by schemes that promise easy money and are taking out hefty loans. Photo / Michael CraigRecent NZ Herald article By Susan Edmunds looked at  how the rate of the nation’s property market growth has also led to an increase in the number of companies offering to show newbie investors how to make their fortunes. Some claim investors will be able to substitute their incomes within a matter of years, retire young on six-figure salaries and own millions of dollars of property, debt-free.

NZ Property Investors Federation spokesman Andrew King said new investors should be wary of anything that was heavily marketed. “If they’re marketing ‘Get rich quick, it’s easy, we’ll show you how and you’ll be a millionaire by next Thursday’ – run a mile.” It was particularly a problem if seminars led to people being hyped up and then pointed them towards a particular property, he said. “Some are pushed into things that aren’t the best investment they can make.”

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If you are have had a property investor who has had a bad experience with a company offering a get-rich-quick schemes get in touch with a the nation’s financial watchdog the Financial Markets Authority or get in touch with the Disputes Team at Queen City Law. 

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