Auckland_s_controversial_new_residential_zoning_maps_released___Stuff_co_nzThe incoming Unitary Plan rationalises the city’s 99 old residential zones down to just six:

* Single House – allows a single house on a single lot

* Mixed Housing Suburban – allows a mix of types of homes up to two storeys

* Mixed Housing Urban – allows a mix of housing types up to three storeys, and more density

* Terrace Housing and Apartment – allows for apartments from four to six storeys, and terraced houses

* Large Lot Residential – land that has physical or landscape constraints and is generally not serviced

* Rural and Coastal Settlement – applies to small rural and coastal villages, provides for single dwellings on a lot.

The changes include:

* Zoning more of Mt Eden for Mixed Housing Urban, allowing intensified housing of up to three storeys;

* Reducing the amount of Single House zoning in Remuera;

* Allowing more intensification in parts of Takapuna’s iconic seaward streets such as Minehaha Avenue;

* Changing the length of Lake Road between Takapuna and Belmont to Mixed Housing Urban;

* Changing almost all of Blockhouse Bay from Single House zone to Mixed Use Suburban, allowing a mix of housing styles and more density;

* Upzoning parts of New Lynn that are near the town centre and public transport to Mixed Housing Urban and the higher density Terrace Housing and Apartment zone;

* Making all of Pt Chevalier Mixed Use Suburban, and adding a new zone of Mixed Use Urban down the main arterial routes of Pt Chevalier Rd and Meola Rd;

* Changing half of the nearby suburb of Waterview from Mixed Use Suburban to the more intense Mixed Use Urban.


Auckland’s Unitary Plan will replace the 13 legacy regional and district plans of the eight former Auckland councils.

Formal submissions closed last year, and the public hearing process on the plan is almost complete.

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