Thieves have been stealing new appliances from newly built homes which can’t be locked up on Auckland’s North Shore. House construction on Auckland’s North Shore may be on the rise, but it’s also creating a boom in associated thefts. Thieves have been targeted appliances, tools and materials at the new house sites, North Shore Area Commander Inspector Shanan Gray says. In one case a kitchen appliance package was stolen from a home which was nearly finished but couldn’t be locked up. “Thieves will take any opportunity you can give them, there’s nothing more frustrating for a tradesman to have the things they use to make a living pinched from them,” Insp Gray said. He advised home owners and project managers to delay bringing appliances, hot water cylinders and other valuables into homes until they’re secure. Statistics New Zealand figures released on Thursday showed new dwelling consents were up 38 per cent in Auckland from 2012, and the total value of building work consented nationally was up 20 per cent to $12.1 billion.

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