The Surfing Lawyer – Marguerite Vujcich

Queen City Law are proud to sponsor one of NZ’s finest exponents of the surf

The Surfing Lawyer – Marguerite Vujcich

Surfing is her passion.   The mighty ocean fills me with energy and enthusiasm, with peace and love.  She is training hard at the moment as the New Zealand Surfing Circuit starts soon.  She now has a new coach Jeremy Evans who is wonderful.

Recently she made a trip to Kaitia to enter into the Northland Body Boarding Championship.

She came second in this competion at the age of 52. Marguerite is now ranked number 2 in New Zealand as a body border.

She entered the Surfing Competition at Whangamata after this she now ranked 8th in New Zealand.

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Queen City Law recognise the immense commitment Marguerite has shown for her sport in the face of tremendous odds she is a true champion. Get out to a surf competition near you and support her too.