NZLS Law Reform Committee 29-07-2014

New Zealand Law Society Law Reform Committee Annual Meeting

Marcus attended the NZLS Law Reform annual meeting at NZLS in Wellington in his capacity as Convenor of the NZLS Immigration Committee this week. . ” It was really insightful to learn so much about Select Committee processes and also observe some senior speakers on a range of topics. Its actually unbelievable how much work NZLS and its member lawyers put into Law Reform work. And it was neat to meet the Convenors of the NZLS Tax and Environmental Law Committees and others too, ” Marcus said.

Marcus is widely published in immigration law and is a regular commentator on immigration based issues on national radio and TV. Marcus is the Principal (owner) of Queen City Law find out more about Marcus click here.

New Zealand Law Society Law Reform Committee monitors and makes recommendations on proposed legislative reforms relevant to immigration and refugee law. It also liaises with Immigration New Zealand on immigration policy. Established in 2010 to keep a watching brief on all legislative reform relevant to immigration and refugee law. Prior to this the Law Society had commented on immigration law reform on an ad hoc basis. In 2006 the Law Society established the Immigration Review Working Party, made up of immigration law specialists, to prepare the Law Society submission on the Immigration Bill (now the Immigration Act 2009), a major revision of New Zealand immigration law.

Members of the Immigration and Refugee Law Committee have a wealth of immigration and refugee law experience, currently they are:

  • Carole Curtis
  • Rob Davidson
  • Kamil Lakshman
  • John McBride
  • Mark Williams

The committee continues to work on improving consultation with INZ, and bringing concerns on operational issues to the attention of INZ. In particular, the committee has worked closely with INZ to improve the quality of information provided to the public via the INZ website and on immigration forms and pamphlets regarding the ability of lawyers to provide immigration advice and services to migrants. To find out more about the NZLS click here. The next appointment round for Law Society Law Reform and national specialist committees will be held in July 2015.

You can get involved in NZ Immigration Law Reform too:

Visit the My Lawsociety to read about current law reform work and have your say on proposed reforms..