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New Immigration Checklist – Entrepreneur & Investor Category

With the recent Entrepreneur Work Visa changes, Queen City Law understands how tricky it can be to navigate your way through an application. Thanks to our knowledgeable immigration team, Queen City Law’s extensive online law library now has four new informative checklists to assist you with your Entrepreneur Work Visa, Entrepreneur Residence Visa, Investor Category […]

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Judicial review – the Lucan Battison case

This weeks article involves discussion and analysis of (Battison v Melloy & Anor [2014] NZHC 1462) and the subsequent Judicial review. In June this year, Lucan Battison, a 16 year old student from St John’s College in Hastings, took his school principal and board of trustees to the High Court for suspending him for having long hair, […]

Client Care Library Updated

Queen City Law has recently updated the Client Care library. All Queen City Law whitepaper articles, info-sheets and checklists are available for download as PDFs Visit our Online Law Library to help you with your online legal research. Freshly updated PDFs include: Client Care Information You Should Know Contains terms and conditions of legal engagement […]

How can I save my dog?

Sometimes dogs bite people,  situations arise when even the best owners and best dogs get into troubles.  A strange set of circumstances, a confulence of misadventure or just a momentary lapse in judgement, can lead a dog owner to be dealing with the fallout from a attack or criminal prosecution. What can you do to […]

Useful Legal Checklists – Queen City Law Library

Do you have Enduring Powers of Attorney in place in case you lose capacity to handle your affairs? Have you appointed guardians for your children who are under 18 years of age? Is your mortgage is covered by appropriate Mortgage Insurance cover?Do you understand how your Superannuation Scheme works ? Queen City Law advises all […]

Immigrants good for economy – NZIER

Immigrants good for economy says the NZIER in a recent report. A leading economic think tank says doubling New Zealand’s annual immigration target could inject an extra $1.8 billion annually into the economy. The New Zealand Institute of Economic Research (NZIER) is calling for a more ambitious population policy which it says will drive competition […]

Smart Tips for Buying and Selling Property

In August 2013 Tina Hwang appeared on TV9’s Finance Weekly with Brenda Lee to discuss leaky houses and buildings which are an ongoing problem for the New Zealand property market. In this short interview Tina Hwang discusses Smart Tips for Buying and Selling Property and also critique of leaky building issues. Tina discusses some of […]

Migrating to NZ: The Investor Category update

Queen City Law deliver high quality migration services to high quality clients from Singapore, China, Hong Kong, The Philippines and Japan. Some migrants to New Zealand enter under the Investor Category. In late June 2013 Queen City Law lawyers Bradley So and John Jon were in Singapore attending a conference and introducing people in Singapore […]

Investor Category – Transfer of Funds From China

Bradley So immigration lawyer at Queen City Law recently authored an article on the transfer of funds for migrants, you can read the full article here as a pdf. The Migrant Investment Category is considered to be a success story. To date, it has injected a total of around $646 million of capital in the […]

Immigration to New Zealand: Checklists & Immigration Library.

The QCL Immigration Law Library has a number of very usefull documents, infosheets and checklists to help you prepare for immigration to New Zealand. We have recently reloaded two infosheets that were first published in 2011 but are still good guides for migrants coming to New Zealand. QCL Infosheet – Immigrating to NZ Queen City […]

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