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Alcohol Limit Lowered

From 1 December 2014 the breath alcohol limit for adults was lowered from 400 micrograms per litre of breath to 250 micrograms. The blood alcohol limit was lowered from 80 milligrams per 100 milliliters of blood to 50 milligrams per 100 milliliters. These big changes may catch some drivers by surprise this year. To get to […]

Queen City Law Support Team

Let Queen City Law do the “Heavy Lifting” for you in 2015 we have some of New Zealand’s leading Property and Immigration lawyers but one of our hidden strengths is the QCL support staff. They say ” An army marches on its stomach but a law firm marches on the integrity of the support staff. Queen […]

Small window in apartment development

Pro​jects not yet un​der way could strug​gle come sale time according to an article by Cather​ine Har​ris for the Sunday Star Times on 30 Nov 2014. Read the full article here or read more of Marcus Beveridge’s comments on development in the Auckland CBD in his recent commentary here. The Sunday Star Times goes on to suggest fresh for​eign in​vest​ment in […]

What can I do when authorities knock on my door?

What can I do when authorities knock on my door? This weeks blog by Queen City Lawyer Jack Cheng covers some of the things you should expect when the police come to your home, and also some of the things the police expect from you. Remember if you are in doubt get a lawyer informed of […]

Liquidation and Bad Debtors

Getting Paid – and “Unpaid” This week Queen City Law dispute resolution expert Ross Dillon discusses some aspects of getting paid by clients who have become bankrupt or getting paid by companies in liquidation. To read more about Ross click here. To download the complete article as a PDF click here. To explore other articles […]

Defences to Drink Driving

At Queen City Law we urge you to get good legal advice if you are considering fighting a drink driving charge. If you intend to seek a discharge without conviction, be sure to share with your lawyer in a timely way all aspects of the circumstances surrounding your case. Many of the details of these circumstances will determine […]