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I have a new job, can I update my work visa?

I have a new job, but I still have a lot of time left before my current visa expires, can I update my work visa using a Variation of Conditions? Things do not always go to plan, sometimes you can find yourself in a situation where you have finally gained a work visa but your employment […]


How will the TPP affect Intellectual property law in NZ?

The first official TPP text release has confirmed tech sector IP concerns Now that the Trans Pacific Partnership Agreement (TPPA) is finally out in the open some of the details point to how the legal environment will be changing for NZ tech companies and startups. Initial readings suggest with the TPP we are getting US-style copyright […]


Are you a Bona Fide Student ?

Exams and assignments aren’t the only things you need to be on top of as an international student – you need to make sure that you are a bona fide student for immigration purposes too! This week Queen City Law immigration specialist Lauren Qiu explains how you can make your case and what requirements you […]