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Why do so many UHNWs elect to instruct Queen City Law ?

The reason is the firm’s proven track record successfully representing such individuals. Others include its top NZ ranking for business immigration, the range of legal services it is able to efficiently provide High Net Worths, the fun most clients have dealing with the firm and the fact that Queen City Law is exceedingly good at what […]

Investor 2 Category Immigration to NZ – What should I invest in?

You are an Investor 2 Category Immigrant to NZ , your budget is 1.5 Million Minimum; what should you invest in? You could buy property, maybe invest in an existing business, our in Government Debt or maybe even expand your existing business operation to the New Zealand market. Whatever the mix that fits your situation […]

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Migrating to New Zealand – Singapore

Queen City Law lawyers Bradley So and John Jon  will be in Singapore attending a conference and introducing people in Singapore to trends in the Investor Category, Investors Plus Category and Investor 2 Category. Brad and John will be discussing Basic Requirements, Residence Conditions, Processing time and other issues of interest. You can download the […]

Immigrating from Japan to NZ – Retirement

Retiring to the country-side is a common trend in New Zealand. The buoyant agricultural economy, working remote, vibrant lifestyle scene, farmers markets, and a commuter population that are willing to travel further to work. As broadband rolls out into rural areas of NZ this trend will continue. Many in New Zealand who retire to the […]