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Restrained Summer Selling

A windy cool summer this year has been the backdrop to the summer selling season in the Auckland property market. Overall the market has been very restrained with auction success rates in Auckland dropping below 50% in late December 2015. Slowly seller expectations are starting to change. Are house prices heading lower? Many are expecting […]

Steeper lending charges on the way?

The NZ Reserve bank is contemplating targeting landlords of investment properties in an effort to cool the NZ housing market. The bank is taking particular aim at the most risky borrowing, solely reliant on rental income for a landlord to repay loans. Reserve Bank announcement that it was seeking feedback on lending to residential property […]

Home ownership dream fading

In New Zealand national house prices have jumped by $30,000 in the last year. A new Auckland Council report maps the rise in Auckland house prices over the last 15 years and relative deterioration in affordability for first-home buyers. To read the full story by Lane Nichols in the NZ Herald click here. “The share […]

Brad & Marcus from Queen City Law travel to Tokyo and Osaka

Queen City Law are pleased to be offering assistance with Japanese immigration applications. Brad and Marcus have been holding the investment seminars in conjunction with support and cooperation of NZ Embassy and INZ in Tokyo, Nagoya and Osaka. All of the  investment seminars – went very well and were well attended. Marcus and Bradley found interested audiences as they […]

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