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Migrant exploitation 'must be avoided'

Queen City Law strongly urge all migrants starting businesses in New Zealand to get familiar with the Employment laws as running a business in NZ is very different to running a business in the home country. Sometimes this can lead to a very unpleasant situation where abuse arises and eventually it becomes a very expensive […]

Government Ministers and Immigration

A ministerial request is one of the last options for those who want to permanently live in New Zealand. As lawyers we often assist client with applications to the Minister and have proven extremely effective in this space over the last 20 years or so securing a very high percentage of successful outcomes. Cases are generally heard […]

Residents liable for deportation after criminal conviction

In this short article Tina Hwang discusses her experiences successfully appealing sentances handed out under the Immigration Act 2009. Tina explores some of the important issues relating to deportation. To read more articles by Tina click here. To read more about Queen City Law property expert Tina Hwang click here. To download the article as a […]

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