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Employment Law Update – August 2019

In April/May 2019, there were many legislative changes in employment, yet some people still appear to be oblivious to these changes.  The main changes have been set out below for your reference. Domestic Violence Leave In April 2019, a completely new type of leave was introduced.  Employers must now be aware of sensitivities in dealing […]


Employment 101: Common Questions in Employment

QCL Lawyer Tina Hwang answers some common questions in regards to Employment Law. What is the difference between a casual and permanent employee? There is no statutory definition of “casual” employees. A Casual employee is normally hired to do specific work for short time periods and works on an “as required” basis. If a worker […]

Can you still have a tea break at work?

Last year the government removed the right to mandatory tea breaks. The Prime Minister reassured New Zealanders that ‘post the passing of this law, will you all of a sudden find thousands of workers who are denied having a tea break? The answer is absolutely not’. We now know the Prime Minister’s assurance could be misleading. Companies […]

Migrant exploitation 'must be avoided'

Queen City Law strongly urge all migrants starting businesses in New Zealand to get familiar with the Employment laws as running a business in NZ is very different to running a business in the home country. Sometimes this can lead to a very unpleasant situation where abuse arises and eventually it becomes a very expensive […]

Changes to collective agreements, the 90-day trial period, strike action, and meal breaks.

When things go wrong in an employment agreement both the employee and the employer  are expected to deal with each other in good faith to try to resolve the situation. If you can’t resolve the problem yourselves, NZ employment law provides processes for resolving grievances. Recently NZ Parliament passed workplace reforms The law change bringing in workplace reforms, including the […]

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Migrant worker complaints growing

Interesting article on the dark side of NZ farming employment law. Good reporting from Radio NZ again, Read the full Ian Telfer article on RNZ site. With more and more stories like this coming out its highly likely a crackdown is coming. Industry group Dairy NZ says it is working with the Labour Inspectorate to improve labour practices, […]

Employment Law and Email Privacy

  In New Zealand electronic communications are not considered property and therefore cannot be stolen. But can an employer access your emails and use them as reasons to dismiss an employee? Recently aspects of the NZ privacy law and how it relates to emails have been in the forefront of political events. The election campaign has […]

The Interplay Between Employment and Immigration Law

Below is the text from the Presentation delivered by Marcus Beveridge, Principal, Queen City Law and Rita Worner, Solicitor, Queen City Law Check out the Queen City Law Power point presentation here. OVERVIEW As immigration lawyers we often hear from immigrants desperate to find a job in New Zealand, complaining that employers and recruitment companies do […]

HR and Employment Law Summit 2014

Join the Queen City Law team and Hon. Simon Bridges MP, Minister of Labour at the HR and Employment Law Summit on the 7th May at the Stamford Plaza Hotel in Auckland for an overview of the Government’s directions in Employment Law, Employment Relations and Workplace H&S policies. Visit the website at CCH Learning and […]

"You're fired" – Do you have a personal grievance claim?

Dismissal We have all seen the Hollywood movies, the dramas and also heard of outrageous conduct “warranting” dismissal. However, does serious misconduct actually justify dismissal in New Zealand?  The short answer is “no.”  Hardly any serious misconduct will warrant immediate dismissal as the Employment Relations Act 2000 has taught us that due process and good […]

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