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Emails and Disputes involving Body Corporates

It is a very common occurrence for an issue to arise in a body corporate that can divide the tenents  and cause a dispute. The development of email has bought a new layer to misunderstanding to these disputes with Body Corporates. It is an instant form of communication and with email you now receive the […]

Mortgagee Sales

This week Queen City Law dispute specialist Ross Dillon looks at Mortgagee Sales. To read this white paper as a print friendly PDF click here. To read more articles by Ross click here. If you have more questions about a mortgage dispute or mortgagee sale don’t hesitate to contact us. As at November 2013, it […]

Contract Law and change

How to Vector change. Interpreting a written contract should be easy.   We can all read.  We have a reasonable level of comprehension.   A contract is recorded in writing so that everyone knows what their obligations are, and thus can perform them.   So why do so many cases before the Court call into question the meaning […]

Where there’s a Will, there’s a Relative – Deceased Estates

Life has two certainties, death and taxes.   Claims against estates are an inevitable consequence of the former, and that inevitability has lead over the years to a number of statutes that have clarified the rights to claim. In our latest post to the Law Library by Ross Dillon explores the some of the issues that […]

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Liquidation and Bad Debtors

Getting Paid – and “Unpaid” This week Queen City Law dispute resolution expert Ross Dillon discusses some aspects of getting paid by clients who have become bankrupt or getting paid by companies in liquidation. To read more about Ross click here. To download the complete article as a PDF click here. To explore other articles […]

Leaky Building Purchasers

Queen City Law have published a new article to the Law Library by Ross Dillon This time dispute resolution specialist Ross Dillon has explored a very unfortunate case for Auckland property buyers. Buying houses in New Zealand can harbour unseen dangers as a decade of leaky building claims has shown. Nationally the cost of leaky […]