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Is my Will in order? What will happen when I die? Part 2

Further to our previous blogs on “Is my Will in order? What will happen when I die?” and “Where there’s a Will, there’s a relative-deceased estates” a recent case has highlighted the need to take extra caution when drafting and finalising your will yet again. Recent case In the case of Sutton v Public Trust […]

Alcohol Limit Lowered

From 1 December 2014 the breath alcohol limit for adults was lowered from 400 micrograms per litre of breath to 250 micrograms. The blood alcohol limit was lowered from 80 milligrams per 100 milliliters of blood to 50 milligrams per 100 milliliters. These big changes may catch some drivers by surprise this year. To get to […]

Queen City Law Support Team

Let Queen City Law do the “Heavy Lifting” for you in 2015 we have some of New Zealand’s leading Property and Immigration lawyers but one of our hidden strengths is the QCL support staff. They say ” An army marches on its stomach but a law firm marches on the integrity of the support staff. Queen […]

QCL Early Christmas Party

Last week QUEEN CITY LAW got its Xmas party and lunch done and  dusted. Known as first movers QCL got a march on the Christmas festivities and are now ready to do the heavy lifting for you as deals are done and disputes are resolved before the new year. The firm spent a few hours shooting […]

Unexpected Visitors – The Taxmen Cometh

At Queen City Law we focus on understanding our clients and the legal issues they face, then work with the client to develop a strategic plan for the best possible outcome. When you are dealing with the tax department this can yield good returns as the IRD in New Zealand has far reaching powers. From recent […]

Law and Physics

  E = mc² Have you ever wondered what that actually means? Energy = mass multiplied by the speed of light, squared.  The speed of light is 299,792.458 kilometres per second (or about a billion kilometres per hour).   When you square a number you multiply it by itself. So the speed of light squared is […]

Change the rules and you change the value – for better or worse.

Queen City Law have published a new Dispute Resolution article to the Law Library by Ross Dillon. The author Ross has been a partner and litigator in a leading mid-sized Auckland firm for almost a quarter century. In this article Ross explains how the changes to the District Court Rules, how they differ from the […]

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Taxing Recoveries – successful litigation by Inland Revenue

This week consultant Ross Dillon looks at how a good run of successful litigation’s by the Department of Inland Revenue could have far-reaching effects. To find out more about Ross Dillon click here. If you are negotiating a tax debt with the Department of Inland Revenue get good legal advice for a successful settlement.  Ignoring […]

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"You're fired" – Do you have a personal grievance claim?

Dismissal We have all seen the Hollywood movies, the dramas and also heard of outrageous conduct “warranting” dismissal. However, does serious misconduct actually justify dismissal in New Zealand?  The short answer is “no.”  Hardly any serious misconduct will warrant immediate dismissal as the Employment Relations Act 2000 has taught us that due process and good […]

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How do I find a Good Lawyer?

Finding a good lawyer is not an easy process, often its a relationship that lasts a lifetime stretching across many life events. Having a good lawyer for you and your family makes difficult stages of life more manageable and outcomes  more predictable. You should select your legal representation based on some simple elements. An approachable […]