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What does it all mean? – Contracts

It is hot, it is Summer and there is plenty of time to lie on the beach and think about things, but what does it all mean? This week Ross Dillon looks at how disputes arise. He has specialized in dispute resolution and has a reputation for forging successful resolutions in even the most bitter […]

Contract Law and change

How to Vector change. Interpreting a written contract should be easy.   We can all read.  We have a reasonable level of comprehension.   A contract is recorded in writing so that everyone knows what their obligations are, and thus can perform them.   So why do so many cases before the Court call into question the meaning […]

Residential Construction Agreements- things to watch out for!

Residential Construction has often thrown up difficult problems in NZ property law. Contracts and Agreements are widely used and tested in court making most problems expensive, stressful, and slow to resolve. This week Tina Hwang, Queen City Law Construction lawyer, examines some of the upcoming changes that will be brought to bear by The Building […]

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