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Resurrection – the prospects for life after death

Queen City Law have published a new commercial law article to the Law Library by Ross Dillon . The author Ross has been a partner and litigator in a leading mid-sized Auckland firm for almost a quarter century. In this article Ross examines the ways a company can die, and in particular liquidation.  Read Ross’s […]

Do I need A Shareholders Agreement?

When investing or doing business in New Zealand there are many ways to ensure the satisfactory resolution of disputes between related parties, a shareholders agreement is one of them. This weeks article “Do I need A Shareholders Agreement?” is by Queen City Law Lawyer Bradley So. Bradley is a Philippine born New Zealander.  He has […]

The Rise of Look Through Companies

For a pdf version of the infosheet, please click here. What is it? A Look-Through Company (‘LTC’) is similar to a traditional limited liability company, however its income and losses are treated differently for tax purposes. The tax structure of an LTC allows the company to transfer income and expenditure to its shareholders directly. In […]

Queen City Law – Commercial Law Online Resources

Queen City Law have been building an online Law Library of useful documents, presentations and worksheets. We trust this will assist you in your research when thinking about legal issues. You can find all the Law Libraries here, and they will be regularly updated. If you have any questions or need further assistance please don’t […]