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Queen City Law – Property Developments.

Queen City Law are pleased to announce some changes in how we list our properties for sale and how we present our off market listings. We are currently migrating listings and property tools and information to a new website exclusively dedicated to the Queen City law property team. Follow our lawyers here as they present, […]

Small window in apartment development

Pro​jects not yet un​der way could strug​gle come sale time according to an article by Cather​ine Har​ris for the Sunday Star Times on 30 Nov 2014. Read the full article here or read more of Marcus Beveridge’s comments on development in the Auckland CBD in his recent commentary here. The Sunday Star Times goes on to suggest fresh for​eign in​vest​ment in […]

Financial Markets Conduct Act (FMCA) 2013

It could be the beginning of a new era for New Zealand’s Financial markets. This week Queen City Law commercial lawyer Tom Huang looks at the new FMCA 2013 as Phase 2 will come into effect on 1 December 2014 this year. Tom is passionate about business law including commercial transactions, property and construction law, […]

Client Care Library Updated

Queen City Law has recently updated the Client Care library. All Queen City Law whitepaper articles, info-sheets and checklists are available for download as PDFs Visit our Online Law Library to help you with your online legal research. Freshly updated PDFs include: Client Care Information You Should Know Contains terms and conditions of legal engagement […]

How do I find a Good Lawyer?

Finding a good lawyer is not an easy process, often its a relationship that lasts a lifetime stretching across many life events. Having a good lawyer for you and your family makes difficult stages of life more manageable and outcomes  more predictable. You should select your legal representation based on some simple elements. An approachable […]

Contract Law and change

How to Vector change. Interpreting a written contract should be easy.   We can all read.  We have a reasonable level of comprehension.   A contract is recorded in writing so that everyone knows what their obligations are, and thus can perform them.   So why do so many cases before the Court call into question the meaning […]

Commercial Lease – Guarantee

In New Zealand it is very common for a business operator to enter into a lease arrangement with the lessor or landlord. This is commonly done at the stage of agreement to lease and also in the  actual  deed of lease. This weeks White paper is authored by Queen City Law Senior Associate John Jon, […]

Do I need A Shareholders Agreement?

When investing or doing business in New Zealand there are many ways to ensure the satisfactory resolution of disputes between related parties, a shareholders agreement is one of them. This weeks article “Do I need A Shareholders Agreement?” is by Queen City Law Lawyer Bradley So. Bradley is a Philippine born New Zealander.  He has […]

What potential new Earthquake “Code Compliance” means to Building Owners

Are you a building owner worried about earthquake compliance? Ross Dillon has updated our property law library with a new article on the legal issues surrounding the ongoing questions about earthquake prone buildings. To read the full article as a pdf please click here. To read more about Ross Dillon click here. Queen City Law […]

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