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Small window in apartment development

Pro​jects not yet un​der way could strug​gle come sale time according to an article by Cather​ine Har​ris for the Sunday Star Times on 30 Nov 2014. Read the full article here or read more of Marcus Beveridge’s comments on development in the Auckland CBD in his recent commentary here. The Sunday Star Times goes on to suggest fresh for​eign in​vest​ment in […]

Understanding IEP and DEE in Apartments

  What is an Initial Evaluation Procedure (IEP) or Detailed Engineering Evaluation report (DEE) and why is it so important when you buy apartments or commercial buildings? These all help you determine whether the building may be earthquake prone and will also affect your bank’s lending, your insurance cover/premiums, your tenants rights and obligations towards […]

Building bonanza tipped for Auckland

Marcus Beveridge Queen City Law principal was recently quoted in a NZ Herald article on the building bonanza tipped for Auckland. To find out more about Marcus click here.  To read more articles by Marcus click here. To read the full article “Building bonanza tipped for Auckland” By Anne Gibson  on the NZ Herald site […]

What potential new Earthquake “Code Compliance” means to Building Owners

Are you a building owner worried about earthquake compliance? Ross Dillon has updated our property law library with a new article on the legal issues surrounding the ongoing questions about earthquake prone buildings. To read the full article as a pdf please click here. To read more about Ross Dillon click here. Queen City Law […]

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