Our team of culturally fluent lawyers respect Chinese and Western beliefs, attitudes and philosophies.

Queen City Law understand the unique needs of their client base. Whether you are based in New Zealand or overseas, we provide value added legal services to meet your StarHearhopenegotiation, advocacy and dispute resolution requirements. Our teams of immigration, property and dispute resolution lawyers can provide  Cross-cultural negotiation. We can assist international migrants negotiate with businesses and individuals in New Zealand or Kiwis investing or doing business in Asia. Whether you are conducting a property or commercial transaction, or undertaking an employment dispute, we have the cultural competency to negotiate successfully on your behalf – without compromising your interests or beliefs.

We can help you prepare for negotiations efficiently, to achieve an effective resolution or settlement.

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We offer Services for Chinese clients including:

Property transactions for international clients buying property in New Zealand

Whether you are based overseas, or a New Zealand resident who spends a lot of time out of the country, Prestige Lawyers can attend to your conveyancing needs. We know which questions to ask to protect your interests and are able to prepare accurate documentation quickly and efficiently.

QCL-MEDIA property team 2012QCL can also assist international clients who may have entered into a contract to purchase property through lack of information and local knowledge. We can:

  • point out issues such as misrepresentation by an international sales consultant
  • help you get out of your contract obligations legally, if necessary
  • assist non-New Zealand residents with overseas land investment advice
  • assess the status of non-New Zealand residents and advise on the likelihood of a successful application – ensuring that you do not waste time and money
  • advise on the ownership options available for your New Zealand assets, so that you can protect your personal property (e.g. from relationship claims).

Commercial transactions for international clients and companies

We are highly experienced in acting on behalf of migrant clients in business purchases and sales. Our lawyers know the common pitfalls to watch out for.

We are aware of common traps that international clients can fall into when conducting commercial transactions in New Zealand. These are:

  • Franchises – Franchisors advertise attractive business opportunities in New Zealand but the fine print in the legal agreement often hides unfair terms. It is crucial to get legal advice before you sign any agreement in English. We can explain the agreement’s terms and conditions clearly so that you are aware of what you are signing, and of your rights to operate the business or transfer it to someone else and receive profits.
  • Setting up or running a new business in New Zealand for immigration reasons – We can make sure that the set-up of your new business complies with both New Zealand commercial and immigration law. If your company needs to enter into or renew a lease, we can take care of the correspondence with your landlord/tenant and their solicitors, attend any rent review or rights of renewal meetings on your behalf, and advise you on any assignment or subletting issues that may arise.

Trusts for international migrants, trustees or beneficiaries

Our lawyers are specialists in setting up legal trusts for international migrants, trustees or beneficiaries. We will expertly document and organise your trust affairs between various jurisdictions. It is common that the migrant, trustees or beneficiaries are either not based in New Zealand, or New Zealand residents living overseas.

QCL trust specialists advice on:

  • trust establishment and management
  • the benefits of holding assets in a trust
  • foreign trusts – in some cases international clients establishing a trust in New Zealand can operate as a foreign trust, which can have tax advantages for international migrants. Trust can also have tax consequences in other territories so check with us what structures are right for your case.

International estate management and planning

Queen City Law have considerable experience managing trusts and estates for international clients. We can assist with the planning, management and enforcement of international estates in New Zealand. Families are frequently spread across several countries and Queen City Law can bridge the distances and cultural barriers to protect your family.

We offer the following service for our clients with estates spread over several countries:

  • Click here to read more on our Asset protection and estate planning services
  • We can assist you obtain rulings or probate in an overseas jurisdiction by providing an overseas solicitor with the right documentation from the New Zealand courts.

 Advocacy for migrant workers or employers 

Queen City Law are experts in Employment Law. We can offer advice for migrant workers; including advice on employment agreements, employee rights, grievances, and solutions for breaches of employment law. We have helped exploited migrant workers reach favourable settlements in cases where their employer has acted illegally, and we also assist skilled migrants living overseas, to ensure they are treated fairly according to New Zealand law and industry practices. Check out our articles and posts on employment law in NZ

We also provide services for:

  • migrants who are now employing staff in New Zealand – we draft employment agreements in accordance with New Zealand statutory obligations, and advise on restructuring and redundancies
  • employers who want to sponsor overseas workers to come to New Zealand – we liaise with New Zealand Immigration to ensure they meet the necessary requirements.

Dispute resolution for international clients and assets

Our lawyers are highly specialised in international family disputes involving children and assets. We are able to take action quickly on your behalf, to prevent the removal of children from New Zealand. Due to our in depth knowledge of the New Zealand family court system, we are skilled in fighting for parental custody rights.

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