IMG_3354_1Summer is coming and the sea is beckoning all Boaties, Surfers, Swimmers and Fisherman. This year QCL have helped Marguerite with a new competition board. Check out the picture of Rocket & Marguerite. Now she is out practicing & getting ready for another year of competition on the Womans Masters Surfing circuit. 

When I ask Marguerite about her competitions, she laughs energetically as she explains that nearly all of the women she is competing against are under 21. And rather than being seen as an oddity on the ocean, she is adored by the young female surfies who see her as a role model: a woman with children and a busy life who still spends as much time as she can in the water on her board.

Her story is certainly inspiring. If you know anything about the surf culture of New Zealand (and elsewhere), surfies are not always tolerant of women on their waves. When she first taught herself to surf in South Africa at the age of 16, Marguerite says she was basically ignored by her fellow surfies. But she was determined to be as good as them. A takeaway from this could be never give up, just carry on, and then eventually, if you do what you can results start to go your way. The QCL team wish you good luck this year and we will follow your results closely.

Go Marguerite! Go Rocket!