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Let Queen City Law do the “Heavy Lifting” for you in 2015 we have some of New Zealand’s leading Property and Immigration lawyers but one of our hidden strengths is the QCL support staff. They say ” An army marches on its stomach but a law firm marches on the integrity of the support staff. Queen City Law are lucky to have a highly skilled back office support team who are committed to giving our lawyers what they need to do to secure good outcomes for your case. Our office team are the spine of our firm’s culture, and will work to support our lawyers improve your outcomes and bottom line. The team of highly skilled back-office accounting and support professionals develop and implement fully customizable processes that streamline and optimise the legal back-office functions.

Let Queen City Law take the pain out of the process.

Whether you are a  high net worth individual with multi-billion dollar global assets, or a mid-size family, a new arrival, or an  overseas vendor seeking local NZ legal support for your business; our staff have systems and processes which create efficiencies that save you time and money, and remove some of the complexities of your legal work. This year we will also be deploying new software systems so we remain on the technological cutting edge of our industry.

Our experience is that many people, particularly back office staff who are all highly skilled in many areas, and tend to get stuck in to sorting our the details of our lawyers caseloads. As a result, they are great at fighting fires for clients and solving your problems, hopefully before they happen.

We always start days with Team sessions which work through all the details to get the big picture. Our people are equipped with the skills and tools needed to zoom out for the big picture and then zoom in on details to answer the right question. Aimee and the back office team will identify and effectively manage all stakeholders and the risks associated with any project. It means our lawyers always have the open lines of communication and everything they need to do the best job for you , the client.

See some of our client testimonials here. Queen City Law can offer you a winning team find out more about our lawyers here.

We treat all clients with the respect that they deserve. In addition we hope that some of the resources and blogs on this website will be of practical assistance to you. The Queen City Law Library is designed to assist clients with a wide range of legal issues and is constantly updated as the law itself is constantly evolving.

If you have legal issues pending in 2015  get hold of the Team at Queen City Law.

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