Residential Property

Land Transfer Information Requirements

With effect from 1 October 2015, new legislation has been introduced requiring that certain information must be provided when property is bought or sold. A Land Transfer Tax Statement will be provided by your lawyer when the change of ownership of a property is registered with Land Information New Zealand (“LINZ”)

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Common Pitfalls when Buying Apartments off the Plans

Some of the issues to watch out for if you are buying an property from the plans or on a non- standard contract form


Bright-line Test

Queen City Law lawyer Brett Carpenter looks at the proposed Bright-Line Test. Make no mistake – this is a capital gains tax. It will tax gains made on the sale of residential land sold within 2 years of acquisition.

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Common Pitfalls of a Purchaser in Conveyancing


Earthquake Prone Buildings

Queen City Law lawyer  Tina Hwang looks at the laws surrounding Earthquake Prone Buildings

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Drug Lab Contamination of Residential Properties

Queen City Law property expert Jan Chen looks at the Aftermath of “Breaking Bad” or The Issue of Drug Lab Contamination in Residential Properties.

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House Insurance Changes

Important Changes to House Insurance article. – Introduced by Tina Hwang

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Leaky Building Promo

Providing a cohesive partnership for leaky building resolution and re-building. Queen City Law and N-Compass Project Managers, two of the best in their respective fields, have joined forces to provide a cohesive partnership for leaky building resolution and re-building.

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Title Review Easements

John Jon Updates the factors and terms surrounding Title Review and Easements.

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Mortgage Checklist

Tina Hwang  Updates the things you should know before signing any bank loan documents

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If you are considering subdividing your property then the process below will give you an idea
of what is involved by Hampson & Associates Ltd.

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If you are considering going through a Unit Title Survey the following information outlines
the general process by Hampson & Associates Ltd.

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Earthquake Code Compliance

Ross Dillon Explores code compliance in the wake of the Christchurch earthquake.

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“Insurance and the Body Corporate” Jan Chen discusses the legal aspects of insurance and body corporates.

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“Common  Pitfalls of Vendor” article by Auckland Property Lawyer Tina Hwang on some of the dangers lurking for the seller in a property transaction.

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QCL – Special Conditions

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Common Pitfalls of Buying an Apartment off the Plans

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NZ Herald Article – Seismic Work put at $100b

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NZ Law Awards Winner

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QCL Infosheet on FAP

View/Download  – September 2011

QCL Leaky Building – options infosheet

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QCL Infosheet on Mortgage Disclosure

Download – September 2011

QCL on GST Changes from 1 April 2011

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