Legal Checklists

QCL Infosheet – Legal Warrant of Fitness – Are you roadworthy?

Download – April 2014


QCL Marcus Beveridge Interview TV9 Buying a Business

Marcus recently gave a very interview to Brenda of Business Week TV9 .

Download – July 2013


Tina Hwang  Updates the things you should know before signing any bank loan documents

Download – July 2013



QCL Franchise Checklist



QCL Lease Checklist



QCL Business Pre-Purchase Checklist

View as e-book/Download – May 2012


QCL Infosheet on Joint Venture Agreements

View as ebook Download – September 2011


QCL Legal Due Diligence Checklist

Download – May 2011


QCL on Fraud and Identity Issues

View as e-book/Download – August 2011


QCL on Privacy Act 1993 Issues for Credit Providers

View as e-book/ Download – September 2011


QCL Due Diligence Checklist

Download – September 2011


LexisNexis Strategic Law Firm Management Forum September 2008

Download – September 2008


QCL Checklist for tenant lawyer

Download – January 2008


QCL Employment Relations Act Compliance Checklist

Download – January 2008


Redundancy Checklist for Employer

View as e-book/ Download – December 2007


Lender Checklist

View as e-book/ Download – December 2007


Distribution Agreement Checklist

View as e-book/ Download – December 2007


Checklist for RMA

View as e-book/Download – December 2007


Checklist for Rent Review Provision

View as e-book/ Download – December 2007