Several Queen City Law lawyers including Principal Marcus Beveridge, Associate Bradley John So, Consultant Jack Cheng and Solicitor Shi Sheng Cai (Shoosh) were invited to present at the Legalwise Immigration Law Intensive: Key changes seminar.

The seminar was a great success. Marcus Beveridge the past chairman of NZAMI and immediate convenor of the New Zealand Immigration and Refugee Law committee chaired the presentation and was warmly received by approximately 60 or so lawyers in attendance.

Bradley So

Queen City Law lawyers, Bradley, Jack and Shoosh presented on 3 topics.

Bradley provided an overview of Investor Category Updates and ‘Hoops And Hurdles’ in regards to Entrepreneur Work Visas. In particular Bradley focused on key changes to the Investor 2 Category which include raising the minimum investment amount to NZ$3m, increased points for English language and increased points of work experience. In addition, Bradley covered Entrepreneur work visas and common mistakes made by applicants, including acceptable business plans, capital allocation and utilising BB4.5(a)(ii) to change business plans.

Jack shared insights in regards to operating the character waiver instructions. Covering important aspects of character requirements such as the requirement for partners supporting partnership category applications to meet character requirements provided under R5.95. Jack also covered current trends with character waivers for temporary class visa applicants, pathways that should be considered when someone has a criminal conviction and how the Clean Slate Act 2004 interacts with current character instructions.

Shi Sheng Cai

Shoosh broke down medical waivers. Summarising things advisors need to be aware of at a pre-assessment stage such as the different definitions of acceptable standards of health for temporary and residence visa applications, the ability of applicants to obtain medical waivers under temporary and residence instructions and ways to help clients obtain medical information to address concerns INZ’s medical assessors may hold. In addition, Shoosh summarised positive factors which can be used as part of medical waiver assessments and common things to be on the lookout for when appealing a medical waiver assessment.

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The Immigration lawyers of Queen City Law are always happy to provide guidance in regards to questions on immigration. Should you have any questions in regards to Investor or Entrepreneur applications, or character and medical waivers, please do not hesitate to contact the lawyers at Queen City Law.