Last week QUEEN CITY LAW got its Xmas party and lunch done and  dusted.

Known as first movers QCL got a march on the Christmas festivities and are now ready to do the heavy lifting for you as deals are done and disputes are resolved before the new year.

The firm spent a few hours shooting each other at Action Paintball in Riverhead before having lunch near by.

Hazel was player of the day and she and Ross formed a critical part of green team’s compelling victory over black team. Marcus got shot of the day hitting Melinda between the eyes from quite a distance.

Our litigators were tenacious and bloodthirsty and Ross took the art of camouflage to a new level. Our tax lawyers were predictable and cumbersome and ended up heavily bruised. Our property lawyers and staff settled things professionally. Our immigration lawyers were very much a mixed bag and our trust accountant and support staff took no prisoners.

Bradley and Tom as team captains and infringers of assorted health & safety rules were ostensibly lined up at the end of the day for ” photographs ” only to  get severely  blasted with several hundred paint balls by at least 10 shooters  – but they took it like men and came up with some cool new dance moves.IMG_8547

Given that legal work seems to get a bit madder at this time of the year these days we are pleased to get some of our silly season stuff out of the way although there might yet be a harbour cruise, nightclub session and tennis match or two to be played out before 2014 comes to an end.

If you have legal work that needs to be done before the end of 2014 get in touch with the QCL legal team now.

Many of the projects we take on become partnerships we create with our clients. Our lawyers are often in team meetings with say the developer, the cost consultant, the architect, the builder, the project manager and finance. We have often been able to play an extremely hands on role in terms of a lot of these projects.  QCL has huge passion and substantial experience in property development and focuses on adding bottom line value for its clients at all times. We have a client-centric philosophy which underpins our firms daily modus operandi. This philosophy concentrates on building partnerships with the clients. Click here to see a gallery of some of our recent construction projects. Click here for more on our recent projects.

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