Seems a new magazine will target immigrants and overseas investors, to read the full article on the NZ herald click here.

A big marketing drive is on to draw more Chinese people to New Zealand real estate and the businesswoman behind it expects a huge upswing in investment and development, particularly from Canton.

Pauline (Bao Min) Gao of Panmure-headquartered MultiMarketing has teamed up with established Auckland building and construction industry publisher Mark Graham to produce the glossy NZ Property Investment & Building Guide, which explains how Chinese can invest in New Zealand and features many properties.

The first bi-annual magazine was produced in 2013 and the latest is just out, its cover showing Auckland’s Wynyard Quarter where hundreds of apartments will soon rise.

It has a prominent explanation of how to immigrate to New Zealand and a New Zealand China Trade Association page showing PM John Key meeting Chinese Premier President Xi Jinping in November.

The magazines marketing New Zealand are produced by Elevate Productions, a joint venture between Gao’s MultiMarketing and Straight Up Productions, owned by publishing entrepreneur Graham, who produces theBuilding Guide and the Design Guide.

Graham said 10,000 copies of the Chinese guide were being printed, but not everyone was pleased about them.

“We’ve had a mix of reactions, from the very excited to the raised eyebrow,” Graham said.

“Obviously those opposed to Chinese investment in New Zealand worry about anything that could be seen to be encouraging this.

“Our attitude is that it is a happening thing and likely to grow, so it’s better Chinese are informed before investing. We’ve had tremendous interest from the trading banks and key retailers and product marketers targeting the Chinese market.”

Information is partly sourced from Graham’s publication the Building Guide, particularly on regulations for home building in New Zealand, and he says many consumers, “not just recent Chinese immigrants” ,were ignorant about the rules.

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