Presentation on the New Entrepreneur Work Visa Category – 10 March 2014

screenshot-2The New Zealand Association for Migration and Investment (“NZAMI”) invited Marcus and Bradley to present on the New Entrepreneur Work Visa Category on 10 March 2014.

The presentation focused on the key changes that are being implemented and the potential issues that are expected to arise and was attended by nearly 100 immigration companies all of whom valued the insights Queen City Law’s presentation delivered.


The seminar highlighted the following key points:

1) The benchmark to qualify has been raised substantially;

2) Existing Long Term Business Visa holders may not be able to meet the benefit test at the residence visa stage. The benchmark to satisfy the benefit test at the residence visa stage is unknown. This is expected to be a highly contentious topic;nzami

3) There are definitions under the new Entrepreneur Work Visa that will need further clarification. The terms that have been identified include but are not limited to the following: working capital, new, unique and high growth export sector to name a few;

4) There will be limited discretion to waive the capital requirement.

5) The new instructions are generally in favour of establishing new businesses as opposed to purchasing existing businesses.

We recommend that you contact Bradley or Tom or Rita if you have any further questions with regards to the new instructions.

To download a PDF of this powerpoint presentation for tablet or print click here.

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