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IMG_5527Ross Dillon is a Barrister and Solicitor of the High Court of New Zealand and a Barrister and Solicitor of the Supreme Court of Victoria (Australia). He is entitled to practice on his own account and is retained as a Consultant to Queen City Law, where his extensive experience in all levels of the Court processes in New Zealand (including appearances in the Privy Council, London) add further depth to the services available to clients of Queen City Law. In addition to litigation (a process of last resort), Ross has extensive experience in negotiation, mediation and arbitration, and is himself a trained mediator responsible for a number of commercial mediated settlements.

Ross has been a partner in a leading mid-sized Auckland firm for almost a quarter century and before that had several years general experience, principally as a litigator. He has specialised in dispute resolution – finding commercial sensible ways to resolve complex problems. If you are considering litigation consider getting in touch with Ross.

In recent years Ross has built up a client following in the areas of leaky building disputes, acting both for those unfortunate enough to find themselves owners of such dwellings, but also those who now find themselves facing claims arising from such buildings. Another significant area of his recent practice has been in insolvency law, where he has advised clients regarding Liquidations, Voluntary Administrations and Bankruptcy. In this particularly complex area, clients do need both practical pragmatic commercially realistic advice, and often detailed technical assistance.

Ross has a number of interests outside of legal practice. He has been the Chairman of the Leprosy Mission of New Zealand Inc. (a charity working with partner organizations world wide to reduce the adverse health consequences and social stigma still attached to this now curable disease). He was also a founding director of the New Zealand Shareholders’ Association Inc., which has achieved so much in the area of effective governance and protection of shareholder rights in public listed companies. He is or has been a member of a number of specialist industry associations, including interests in insurance law, intellectual property law, insolvency law, and property law, all of which reflect his areas of interest and expertise.

Ross has a Bachelor of Law (Honours) (1980) and Master of Commercial Law (First Class Honours) (2000) – both from the University of Auckland.

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Ross DillonConsultant, M.Com Law (Hons, First Class)

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