What is a Limited Visa?nz_visagrab

A Limited Visa is a special type of visa issued by Immigration New Zealand (INZ) that prevents the visa holder from applying from a different type of QCL-MEDIA-final_4804-ritavisa at its end. The Limited Visa is granted for an express purpose, for example attending a specific event such as a seminar, family reunion or wedding etc. To read articles by Rita click here. To find out more about Rita click here. To download this article as printable PDF click here.

This allows INZ to grant a temporary visa with less risk that the applicant actually intends to stay in New Zealand long-term. When an applicant is considered to be a non bona fide visitor, they may be offered the option of a Limited Visa as opposed to a regular Visitor Visa.

For example, if you are in New Zealand and hold a Limited Visa in order to visit relatives and then you decide that you would like to complete some study while onshore, you will not be eligible for a further visa. You would need to leave New Zealand in order to submit a Student Visa application, and then wait for the result.

The currency of a limited visa will relate to the time required to achieve the express purpose, which will vary according to the particular circumstances of a case. It will only be valid for one entry to New Zealand; and will not allow for multiple entries.


In what circumstances can I renew my visa onshore?

There is an opportunity to lengthen the term of a Limited Visa. However there are strict rules that apply. INZ will only grant an additional Limited Visa where the applicant provides evidence that they require further time to achieve the express purpose for which their initial Limited Visa was granted.

It is therefore a tool for INZ to utilise particularly for those from high risk jurisdictions with a high incidence of overstaying. Assuming a visitor complies with the LPV they may then become eligible for a normal visa on subsequent visits to New Zealand after they have established a sound travel record.

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