awardwinslide-936x316The Queen City law Immigration team will help you with applications for the granting of New Zealand citizenship and/or for registration of New Zealand citizenship by descent. We can help you navigate the steps to NZ citizenship and in your dealings with the Department of Internal Affairs. Immigration can be a stressful process for applicants. We try and take all of the mystery out of the process by providing robust and transparent advice to our clients. We have a very large number of extremely happy clients and find that the vast majority of our business is generated from our existing client base.

NZ citizenship is very valuable as NZ leads on many measures of quality of life, economic freedom and health and education. After three or five years’ residence in New Zealand you can apply for New Zealand citizenship. To find out more about our team of dedicated immigration lawyers click here.

Furthermore, you must provide proof of good character, show your knowledge of the responsibilities and privileges of New Zealand citizenship, and speak and understand English. You must attend a citizenship ceremony and take an oath or affirmation of allegiance. New citizens are generally required to attend this citizenship ceremony. Citizenship ceremonies are important occasions and are generally conducted by local government authorities. At the ceremony new citizens make a public commitment to New Zealand by swearing allegiance to the Queen, and receive their citizenship certificates. Once you receive your certificate you are New Zealand citizens. Children born of New Zealand residents automatically become New Zealand citizens and can hold dual nationality where permitted under the law of their parents’ countries of birth or nationality.

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While many of the benefits of citizenship are available to permanent residents, there are some benefits that are only available to citizens, including:


  • the right to enter and remain in New Zealand at any time;
  • the right to travel on a New Zealand passport;
  • the right to obtain assistance from New Zealand embassies and consulates when travelling overseas;
  • the ability to stand as a candidate in local and general elections.


In addition, some educational scholarships and some public sector jobs are only open to New Zealand citizens, and only citizens can represent New Zealand in some international sport. New Zealand citizenship can bring more intangible benefits. Many migrants often feel that citizenship is an important part of their identity and gives them a sense that they truly belong to New Zealand.

Migrants to New Zealand and people born here on or after 1 January 2006 who are not citizens at birth can apply for a grant of citizenship. Citizens by grant enjoy all the same rights and privileges as other New Zealand citizens.The Citizenship Office in the Department of Internal Affairs administers citizenship applications.

Adults must meet a number of requirements before they can obtain a grant of citizenship. Generally, they must have lived in New Zealand for at least 5 years, be of good character, have knowledge of the responsibilities and privileges of citizenship, and of the English language, and intend to continue to live in New Zealand. People with certain criminal convictions may not be able to become New Zealand citizens or may have to wait for a certain period after their conviction before they can become citizens. Find out more about character waivers here.

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