Changes to Long Term Business Visas – Video Part 2 – 11th Immigration Law Conference

11th-immigration-conferenceQueen City Law has been invited as guest speakers at NZ’s Annual Immigration Law Conference organised by LexisNexis virtually every year for a decade or so. This year is no exception and In August 2013 Marcus and Bradley delivered a paper on the engine rebore of the Long Term Business Visa ( LTBV ) Category. There are some 1500 active applications with the Business Migration Branch in Wellington and it is expected that a significant portion of these applications will no longer be acceptable. With many consultants charging in excess of $20,000 for such an application plus thousands more in application and accounting and other fees this will be a major disappointment for many applicants from around the world and in particular the Chinese.
Click below to watch the papers being presented :
Marcus Beveridge Introduces The LTBV – To read more about Marcus Beveridge click here.
Bradley So Explores Case Studies and changes in the LTBV – To read more about Bradley  So click here.
As the video links  demonstrate it will be a serious error of judgment not to have experts assisting you with such applications and the subsequent applications for residence visas under the NZ Government Entrepreneur Category so get it right the first time and get the top team in NZ, Queen City Law , working for you. If you are interested in a medical waiver click here to read more. If you are interested in a character waiver click here to read more. Please also check out Immigration on our Queen City Law Library