checklistIs your legal status clear and current? Do you have outstanding legal liabilities or outstanding legal risks?  Use the Queen City Law Warrant of Fitness to find out if you need to address any legal issues this year. Many people won’t organise their affairs correctly until things go wrong or circumstances change suddenly.

Be prepared and make sure you and your family have a clean Law Warrant of Fitness.

You will find the  Queen City Law Warrant of Fitness in our Online Law Library. To download a PDF of the Queen City Law Warrant of Fitness click here.

QCL Infosheet – Legal Warrant of Fitness – Are you roadworthy?
Here are some of the things you should consider:

  1.  I have considered what business structure best suits my business (e.g. limited liability company, limited partnership, trading trust, partnership or sole trader).
  2. In my Will I have appointed guardians for my children who are under 18 years of age.
  3. I have reviewed my home title ownership in conjunction with my Will.
  4. My mortgage is covered by appropriate Mortgage Insurance cover.
  5. I have accident and illness insurance to protect my income.
  6. My life policies are owned by a person or trust to whom payment is to be made upon my death.
  7. I have Enduring Powers of Attorney in place in case I lose capacity to handle my affairs.
  8. I understand how my Superannuation Scheme works and have considered an equalising agreement.
  9. I have a lease and have diarised more than three months prior to the renewal date.
  10. I am a Company Director and fully understand my responsibilities under the Companies Act 1993.
  11. I am a Company Director and I have indemnity or insurance.
  12. I have a Family Trust structure in place or have taken advice on this.
  13. I have reviewed my Family Trust Deed with a specialist family trust lawyer within the past three years and am confident that no modifications need to be made to the Deed.
  14. I have been completing gifting statements each year or have gifted it off.
  15. I am confident that I know how my Family Trust operates and have been correctly maintaining all the necessary documentation.
  16. My investments and assets have been correctly transferred to the Family Trust.
  17. I have completed a Memorandum of Wishes for my Trustees’ guidance.
  18. I have a written Employment Agreement (employer or employee).
  19. I have considered a “Contracting Out Agreement”.
  20. I am separated (but not divorced) and I have changed my Will.
All FAIL items need to be re-checked. Please contact Queen City Law we would be happy to help you clear up any outstanding legal issues.
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