Leaky Building Purchasers

Queen City Law have published a new article to the Law Library by Ross DillonQCL-MEDIA-FINAL_4804-ross

This time dispute resolution specialist Ross Dillon has explored a very unfortunate case for Auckland property buyers. Buying houses in New Zealand can harbour unseen dangers as a decade of leaky building claims has shown. Nationally the cost of leaky buildings continues to rise despite stricter building regulations.

Ross uncovered a trap for the unwary purchaser has recently snapped closed on the very unfortunate purchasers of a leaky building.  In Johnson and Others v Auckland Council and Another [2013] NZHC 165 the High Court was faced with the purchasers of an expensive home that was subsequently discovered to be a leaky building.  The purchasers sued the Council and others, under what is now regarded as a normal type of leaky building claim.

The Council admitted it was negligent in its actions, but maintained that the purchasers were themselves negligent in not fully checking out their purchase……

Read Ross’s full article here.old-house-qcl

Remember purchasing a house is a major investment.  It needs to be undertaken with reasonable care.  That will always at least require you to see your lawyer before you sign a contract, and may involve reasonably detailed further specialist advice before you declare a contract unconditional.

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