How can I use my KiwiSaver for a first-home withdrawal?

Are you buying your first home? Do you have a KiwiSaver account?  You may qualify for a KiwiSaver first-home withdrawal!key-in-lock If you have been KiwiSaver member for more than 3 years, you maybe able to withdraw your savings, your employer’s contributions and all returns (government contributions (including the $1,000.00 starter) will NOT be paid out for your first-home withdrawal). You must use your new property as your new home and have never owned a home or withdrawn your kiwisaver.

The process generally takes around two weeks and to start the process, contact your relevant banks or fund holders.


Every bank has a different set of First or Second-Chance Home Withdrawal Application Forms that you will need to complete:

If you are an ASB client broken-pig

If you are a Westpac client

 If you are a ANZ client

 If you are a Kiwibank client

If you are a BNZ client

If you are a GMI client

If you are an AMP client

Once you have an unconditional agreement, your solicitors (Queen City Law can help!) will need to sign a solicitor’s certificate and liaise with your banks and/or Housing New Zealand to obtain the funds on or before the settlement date.

Have you owned a house before?

There are many people who could not (or did not) withdraw their kiwisaver for their first purchase. In this kind of case, you may still qualify for your second home and you should make an application. Applications must be made to Housing New Zealand. You can find the link to Housing NZ here.

If you are purchasing a house under $400,000.00 you may qualify for extra! If you qualify, you may get $1,000.00 for every year you have been with Kiwisaver, up to 5 years (so that is potentially $5,000.00 extra towards your new home, or $10,000.00 if you and your partner have been in it for 5 years!). For qualifications please click here

To apply to Housing NZ to buy a home with the help of your Kiwisaver click here.

If you need further information, please contact our property team!

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