Joe admitted as High Court officer

In early July 2010 Joe Glucina was admitted as a Barrister and Solicitor of the High Court of New Zealand.

He was moved by Marcus and essentially made his first appearance in the High Court.

Joe comes from a very influential Auckland family and there was a strong turn out to watch the admission ceremony.

Joe is a pleasure to have around the firm and has quickly adapted to the at times hectic pace of life at QCL.

Joe Glucina joined Queen City Law in April 2010 after having recently completed his time at Otago University where he studied Law and Microbiology. He comes to Queen City Law full of enthusiasm and looking forward to being exposed to a variety of legal work.

Born in Brisbane, Australia to Kiwi parents, Joe moved with his family to the north of Auckland at the age of 13 where he attended school before moving to Dunedin for University.

Joe is a passionate sportsman with rugby being his game of choice. At secondary school Joe captained his secondary school 1st XV and has since played premier grade rugby for the last 3 years in Dunedin. Joe also enjoys a social game of basketball, playing tennis, surfing and mixed martial arts.

Growing up on a palm plantation Joe has been instilled with a hard working attitude which he is looking to bring with him to Queen City Law. Joe hopes to tackle challenges in his legal career with a business orientated, pragmatic, client-focussed approach. Joe enjoys a challenge and believes his best work comes under a certain amount of pressure.

In his time off Joe enjoys socialising with a wide group of friends and spending time with his family.

Joe brings a friendly, positive and hard working attitude to Queen City Law and is excited about the prospects of beginning his legal career with three time winners of NZs Boutique Law Firm of the Year (2007-2009). He feels that the opportunity to work with some of the best practitioners in their respective fields and a vast and varied client base will be a recipe for success in the future.

Joe is also actively trying to assist one of his mentors slim down a bit in the new gym located 6 levels under QCLs office – it is expected that Joe, Brad and Chan the Man will be proudly displaying their guns around the office, Queen St and elsewhere by summer time.Joe enjoys getting a bit of retribution in this personal trainer capacity after being ordered around pretty much as a modern slave by his immediate superiors during core office hours.

Long term Joe may run for Mayor of the Super City but this will depend on whether he makes the ABs , returns to the land or busts through the glass ceiling.Brad has kindly offered to be Joes honorary ethics advisor. Fortuitously, Joe declined the offer.

Go the young guns .

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