Investor 2 Category Immigration to NZ – 1.5 Million Minimum

Recent discussions with Immigration New Zealand have revealed that the majority of applicants from China are applying under the Investor 2 category. The minimum investment required from applicants is 1.5 million NZ dollars, with most applicants preferring to invest in government bonds or managed funds. The managed funds are usually through well known banks or asset management companies.

2723279741_3cacbcf5cdInvestors coming from the UK and the United States dominate the applications, however the numbers of applicants from China is growing most rapidly. The 1.5 million dollar investment bracket was established in 2010, and since that date 148 applicants have been approved, with 141 applicants having already placed their investments. Over 200 applicants have lodged an expression of interest to participate in the program. 110618105855.bradley-so-small

At Queen City Law we are experts in assisting clients in the Investor Two category, if you have 1.5 million NZ dollars to invest in NZ then you may well qualify. To read the full article on Recent Trends in the Investor Policy Immigration by Bradley So click here.

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Under the investor two category individuals with 1.5 million to invest in NZ can successfully find permanent NZ residence for themselves and their families. We recommend you contact our team for more information about the types of investment and the duration of investment that qualify.

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