Immigration New Zealand’s Upcoming Fee Increase & New Levy

ten centsRecently the New Zealand Cabinet has agreed to increase immigration fees by 8.3% overall.

This is the first major increase since 2012’s 16.7% fee increase. These fees will be implemented on the 7th of December 2015.

This will mean that application fees will increase and Immigration New Zealand will also be introducing immigration levies for temporary visas, limited visas and some resident visas. This means that the new immigration levy will be charged at the time of application, it will replace the current migrant levy. For example, the total cost for your online visitor visa application is $165.00 ($151 application fee and a $14 immigration levy).

Currently, migrant levies are one-off payments that are paid by applicants after a residence application has been approved in principle. There will only be one levy per application, based on what the principal applicant is applying for (except group visitor visas).

Application fees for applicants who use the Immigration Online process will generally be lower than those who use the paper-based applications. Online visitor visa and student visa applications will not have a fee increase. Paper-based visitor visa application will not have a fee increase during the initial one year period to give the tourism industry time to adjust, but will apply for the second year onwards.

Currently, if you have already applied for and been granted a work visa based on your partnership with a New Zealand citizen or resident, then for your second application you received a $92 application fee reduction. This $92 fee reduction for some work and resident visas will no longer apply when these fee changes come into effect.

A schedule of the fees can be found here.