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Programme highlights11th-immigration-conference
• Examining the Future Directions of Immigration
New Zealand (INZ)
• Immigration legislative and policy developments
• Developing jurisprudence of the Immigration and
protection tribunal: A critical overview
• Changing law and possible remedies when considering
the effect of Climate Change on immigration appeals,
deportations and refugee claims
• Panel Discussion on Human rights issues under the
Immigration Amendment Act
• Examining Migrant Exploitation
• Changes to the Long Term Business Visa

Queen City Law Lawyers will also be speaking at this conference, come along and introduce yourself.

We will be looking at the Long Term Business Visa

Our time is 10.15 Friday 09 August.

• Marcus Beveridge, Principal, Queen City Law
• Bradley So, Lawyer, Queen City Law

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The recent changes have been the most significant in the last decade. The main driver for change is the high volume of marginal applications coming through. The Business Migration Branch (“BMB”) is currently processing about 1000 of these cases and it is understood 20% of the applications are of such dubious quality that they will be very quickly declined. Examine the relevant changes and discuss its practical implications.