New Zealand receives immigrants from the Pacific, the Americas, Africa, Asia and Europe. People of all cultures undertake the long process of resettling in New Zealand, at the heart of the South West Pacific.

For families deciding to immigrate: sometimes the migration process can be best adventure of your life or it can be a difficult and unsettling process. Its very hard for people who arrive, knowing no one and expecting everything to be just like home, but in NZ things are different. Some new arriving families are quicker to adopt Kiwi culture relative to others, while some stay in existing  community at large tend to keep to themselves and don’t really integrate or adopt our culture at all. Even if you’re a white, English speaking, BBQ and rugby-loving type. Some become frustrated, angry and upset. There’s a big difference between fitting in and giving up your identity. The outcomes for your family will depend on having a good immigration lawyer, doing your research and preparation, and having a good attitude and realistic expectations.
The move can be a huge financial adjustment. In NZ you may earn significantly less and have to budget carefully. If you have a family to consider, the idea of moving to a new country gets a whole lot more complicated. But with room to move and exciting things to discover, New Zealand is a great place to bring up children. It’s why so many Kiwis who have lived overseas return home when it’s time to start a family. They know that children here enjoy many things other countries just can’t offer. With flexibility to choose the lifestyle you’ve always wanted and the support of excellent public services, it’s surprisingly easy to give your family those advantages too.

NZ Ready is a free online tool to help you plan your move to New Zealand, ensuring you know how things work in NZ. It will ask a few questions about your circumstances (eg. if you have children), then automatically tailor a set of information, useful links and related tasks to your needs. It covers topic such as healthcare, education, getting a job and where in New Zealand to live.

Once you’re done doing your own research get in touch with the Immigration team at Queen City Law and have a hassle-free move. Queen City Law are leaders in Business Immigration and all other aspects of Immigration. Immigration consultants across Auckland and around Asia choose to engage Queen City Law for their clients. Marcus N Beveridge of Queen City Law is widely considered to be one of New Zealand’s leading immigration practitioners. Marcus has considerable experience in this area and has probably acted on far more successful Permanent Residence Applications and Temporary (Work/Student/Visitor) Applications than any other lawyer in New Zealand.

There are lots of places to find support before and during your immigration to NZ and a great place to start is check out the QCL Law Library for documents and checklists pertaining to migration to NZ.

Then look at the Immigration New Zealand’s guide to living & working in New Zealand.

This Immigration New Zealand website contains useful, reliable information for migrants. Spend some time researching the options for your next visa, the public services you can access, and how to find a job that matches your skills.


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