4-steps-for-financial-advisors-to-leverage-social-mediaThe code of conduct sets out the required standards of professional and ethical conduct for licensed immigration advisers. The Code was developed by the Registrar of Immigration Advisers and approved by the Minister of Immigration in accordance with section 37(4) of the Immigration Advisers Licensing Act 2007. The code of conduct also sets out obligations to clients and the obligations to the Minister of Immigration, The Immigration Advisers Authority is responsible for protecting people who receive immigration advice.

If you need immigration advice, licensed advisers have specialist expertise. They have met competency standards and follow a professional code of conduct.

The code requires advisers to:

  • be honest, professional and respectful
  • provide you with ongoing timely updates
  • charge fees that are fair and reasonable.

Licensed advisers can help you:

  • explore all your visa options and choose the right visa
  • prepare your visa application
  • settle in New Zealand
  • assess whether you can appeal a declined visa
  • assess your options if you are in New Zealand unlawfully

New Zealand lawyers can give immigration advice without a licence providing they hold a current practising certificate from the New Zealand Law Society.
If you need immigration advice, you may wish to read Your Guide to Licensed Immigration Advisers. Or get in touch with the immigration team at Queen City Law. It is important to get good legal advice if you have trouble with your Visa application.

Queen City Law immigration lawyers are experts in this field and can ensure your appeal is correctly handled. To contact our immigration lawyers in strictest confidence click here. To read more about our immigration services click here.

Immigration work fees can vary but Queen City Law will charge a reasonable fee for services to be provided will consider some or all of the following factors:

  • The degree of complexity of the application
  • The urgency of the application, including any time limitations imposed by the client
  • The length of time involved in processing the application
  • Whether the application is lodged in New Zealand or offshore
  • The location of the adviser lodging the application
  • The number of people included in the application
  • Whether disbursements such as third party costs, couriers, translations, copying etc. are included
  • The level of personal service provided