HR and Employment Law Summit 2014

hr-and-employmentJoin the Queen City Law team and Hon. Simon Bridges MP, Minister of Labour at the HR and Employment Law Summit on the 7th May at the Stamford Plaza Hotel in Auckland for an overview of the Government’s directions in Employment Law, Employment Relations and Workplace H&S policies.

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Lawyers from Queen City Law Marcus Beveridge and Rita Worner, will deliver a presentation on the interplay between immigration and employment law – all you need to know about hiring migrants.

Rita and Marcus will examine the issues both migrants and employers face when dealing with the immigration process. This presentation will cover how to recruit migrants, employer obligations and potential consequences, and tips for dealing with Immigration New Zealand.

In discussing Recruitment issues they will cover:

  1. Definition of “business purposes” for visitor visas
  2. Essential Skills visa
  3. Employer Accreditation
  4. Residency Compliance
  5. Consistency with ANZSCO and other requirements
  6. Employer obligations and best practice
  7. Consequences/penalties for employers Termination of employment
  8. • Personal grievance claims by migrants

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