image006The depth of talent in the team at Queen City Law is something we like to celebrate. Unknown to many Queen City Law office manager Aimee Young is a very good i phone photographer. Some of Aimees excellent pictures caught the attention of Instagram who included her as a featured artist, well now Aimee has 31286 followers and is turning out some great quality images of the beauty in life from her little phone. You can find Aimees work on Instagram. Check it out and follow her – missaimeefleur.image005

The rise of smartphone photo snapping is being supported with iPhone photography apps that look to effectively expand the abilities of your device’s camera. Photography has evolved (or dissolved, depending on who you ask) to be nearly completely smartphone-centric with the majority of photos being taken even as we speak on them.  Here are a couple of the latest sent from the snows of New Zealand as the first warmth of spring storms starts to melt the snow.

If you want a talented team of lawyers in your corner get in touch with Queen City Law we love to add value in everything we do. To read more about our team click here.missaimeefleur_on_Instagram